The Pan Arab Society for Sexual Medicine welcomes you to the 5th Pan Arab Congress of Sexual Health, where the leading experts of the world will share with you basic research and clinical applications that will support and enrich your daily medical practice for the benefit of the million sufferers from sexual problems in the Arab world.

As always, the top priority of the PASSM congress is the educational program aiming at training young colleagues in basic knowledge of Sexual Medicine and to intensify the knowledge of advanced colleagues in special topics of interest conveyed by special instructional courses, symposia, debates, and round table discussions. Pharmacists’ education is another priority of the scientific program due to the important role they play as health care providers in the Arab world.

Besides an attractive scientific congress program there is no better place in the world to organize a meeting than Dubai, the place of THE MOST, THE BIGGEST AND THE BEST.

Dubai, the ‘Merchant’s City,’ has transformed itself from a humble fishing village into a global hub for trading, manufacturing and tourism. Located at the crossroads between East and West, it offers the best of both worlds: a tax-free liberal haven for business and a luxurious holiday destination for pleasure-seekers. With record-breaking skyscrapers, shopping malls and marvelous hotels cradled by pristine beaches and desert dunes, Dubai is like no other city on Earth. Welcome to exotic Arabia with a 21st century twist.  Dubai dared to dream big and the results of its realized vision can be seen everywhere: mega projects have transformed the face of the emirate, extending its coastline, greening the desert and reaching for the skies. These include the recently inaugurated Dubai Metro rail system, which connects the city from end to end; Palm Jumeirah, the world’s largest man-made island that can be seen from space; and the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building and a masterpiece of urban planning, with lakes, pedestrian boulevards, low-rise residential neighborhoods, four hotels and the Dubai Mall. It’s really no wonder that Dubai is always described in superlatives – the most, the biggest and the best reside in this city.

The 4th Pan Arab congress on sexual Medicine in Cairo, was successful in all aspects, and I promise you even a more successful congress. I am looking forward to welcoming you to Dubai at what promises to be a most stimulating and enjoyable event.

Tarek Anis, M.D.

PASSM president

The 5th Pan Arab Congress of Sexual Medicine.

JW Marriott Marquis Dubai

18-20 April 2013

Welcome to Dubai 2013

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